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Mohamed A. Mohamed MBA, CFE, CICA

Mr. Mohamed is the current general manager of the Central Bank of Somalia. He has also served as the Director of Financial Operations, Office of Finance and Resource Management (OFRM), Government of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of State Financial System Design, Reform and Execution, Change Management and Reform, Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Intergovernmental Agency Negotiation, Consensus Building, Innovative Thought Leadership, Capital Funding Management and Enterprise Risk Management. His 30+ year distinguished career reflects an outstanding record of strategic leadership and change management in finance and budgeting.

Iman Icar

Mr. Icar is the current senior advisor to the office of the mayor of Mogadishu on city development and policy. Between 2009 and 2017, he served as the Deputy Mayor of Social Affairs and Deputy Mayor of finance in the Benadir Regional Administration. He has also served as the HR Director in the Office of the President. He possesses a wealth of experience in government operation, public service and public resource management and investment. His great achievements include overseeing the construction and activation of the 17 District offices, Mogadishu city massive clean-up operation and the designing, construction, and operationalization of the registration office.

Lin Hassan

Ms. Liin Hassan is a renowned business entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Mogadishu. The prominent business lady with interests in export and import of livestock, foodstuff and real estate development started off as a gold trader and has over the last 30 years built an unrivaled business empire in the country. She brings on board a wealth of experience in investment, import and export business, as well as partner/investor engagement. Her most recent initiative centers around the sesame seed hulling and oil industry. Her growth path, experience, network, and resourcefulness will be strategic for GSM’s aspirations and growth. She is involved in philanthropic initiatives in the Warjirow area of Somalia and beyond.

Mr. Abdirashid Ainanshe

Mr. Ainashe is the current Vice President of the Somali Chamber of Commerce, a position he has held for the last 9 years. In his role, he oversees the engagement of the business community with both the national government and international community. Mr. Ainanshe is also the Chief Communication Officer (CCO) of Hormuud Telecom and a Board member of several Companies including Jazeera Quarantine for animal exportation, Jazeera Real State, FISO Takaful, and a well-known NGO, Somali Peace Line (SPL) among other distinguished positions. He is also the founder of Tigad Mining Corporation and Sole Logistics Service (SLS).